Nadha Zar

Nadha Zar came up with the concept of this astonishing tale when she was but sixteen years of age. She was a steadfast young person with clearcut ideals of right and wrong even then. Profoundly imaginative as a young child, her love for origins and her exposure to the arts only added to her overall creativity as an artist. She indulged in martial arts, dancing, singing, poetry, creative crafts and music. She trained herself to look at the beauty of things and the people around her, even in the most unlikely places as she always knew what truly mattered in life.

The hard won and all-encompassing positivity of her life was the bedrock for her writing the epic tale that is Legends of Shimrah. Though she is also someone who would stand up for herself and others through her words. Her strength has always been her family, mainly her mother, husband and children, who supported her in her dreams, solidly beside her at every turn, fall or rise.

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Welcome to the world of pure fantasy and Intrigue where the Shimrans will be your guide on this epic journey.
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