Shimrah is full of objects and items imbued with the power of the Shimran centients and the great dragon Alaq himself. Artifacts such as the Lord Protector Medallion – The Alaqath, The Ring of the Royals – The Alaqain, The tresspins of the Silver Knights of Shimrah – The Alaqwa are but a few examples of a wide variety of items imbued with the enchantment of the world itself.

Explore the wide variey of exquisite essentials within the world of Shimrah from Martial arms to wedding gifts in the following sectors to be updated as soon as possible….

The Alaqath – The Medallion


The Alaqwa – The Dragon Clip


The Alaqain – The Ring of the Royals

The Shimran Trinket Ribbon

The Shimran Royal Sceptre