“Legends of Shimrah – The romantic and poignant tale, resonating the stories of old. Its deep and rich world will leave you yearning for more”

Fantasy novels have always been a gateway to the unknown worlds that inhabit the corner regions of our brain matter. It has unlocked other worlds, which is full of fantasy, action, intrigue and most importantly, escape. There have been many writers in the past who have done a lot for the fantasy genre, one of whom is the great man himself. J.R.R. Tolkien, the creator of the greatest fantasy novel series, The Lord of the rings. His contribution paved the way for new writers to create unique stories using the same tropes that Tolkien helped build. One man who took great inspiration from Tolkien was George R.R Martin who wrote his own fantasy genre defining series which is known as the Song of Fire and Ice or to the ones that watched the show, it’s the Game of Thrones. He used Tolkien’s magic and added his own ingredients to it, making his novel arguably the greatest fantasy tales in modern times. Many writers came, many writers went and many succeeded is preserving the long-standing aspects of making fantasy, great. The book I am going to talk about is Legends of Shimrah written by Nadha Zar.

Legends of Shimrah is an awe-inspiring story that will make you experience passionate sentiments for its idealistic reality where various creatures reside to their maximum capacity. Creatures that are hitherto untouched by the universe of man that has been adulterated by the scourge of narrow-mindedness and obliviousness. However, there never can be recognition of the light and the pure without the darkness and the soiled and so it is with Shimrah.

The tale is unique, its beings are original creations and its creatures unheard of, yet makes you feel nostalgic, specially if you are an ardent reader who has gone through several old and new fantasy novels. Nadha Zar uses familiar tropes while still injecting fresh ideas into her exquisite universe.  The solid characters and plot make this mysterious world more genuine than the peruser can, at any point, envision. The setting and environment establishes an illustration of a situation where magnificence, love, sorcery, and miracles exist to their fullest. Directed by the Shimrans, the tale lulls you to comfort, spins you violently off your depths, establishes serenity and tranquillity then destroys that momentary calm with cascading thunderstorm of hair-raising events.

Legends of Shimrah settles you in with the world and how it functions, the tenderness and heartrending affection will tug at your heartstrings and will eventually leave you yearning for more.

Predetermination, Destiny, and Reality will all entwine to give you a novel encounter of action, thrill, adventure and horror, yet will comfort you with the many dream sayings of old. Written in beautiful, old worldly manner of language and etiquette, Legends of Shimrah will steep you in its many enticing traditions of old, lull you with its poetic romances, escort you the wings of lilting melodies and ensure you are once again acclimated with all that teems with youth and beauty. It encompasses all that the fantasy genre has to offer and much more.

Legends of Shimrah is but a mere introduction, at the beginning of its series as there is still a much more to explore in this world that is so full of twists and turns, heroes and villains, love and hate and the immense struggle between the light and darkness. The very tip of an iceberg that none can guess the immensity of. A series moulded and sculpted with a secret, submerged deep within its words and pages, to be revealed  in the final books as per the author, Nadha Zar. An extraordinary and unique aspect of the series as is everything about it, which currently has the reader cracking their heads to decipher. A finale that we cannot guess at even in a millennium and the clandestine, eagerly awaited message at the very end….

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