“Nadha Zar was always an artist at heart and her journey towards Legends Of Shimrah is awe inspiring”

As an artist of any kind, it is important to know where their inspirations come from when they talk about their work. For any artist, their inspiration comes from somewhere dear to them and it also helps other aspiring artists to get an insight in to what makes an artist motivated and how they themselves can take the next big step in to the world of the unknown. There have been many great fantasy novel writers such George R.R. Martin who created a series of novels that changed the fantasy genre and made it even better. His inspiration came from the novels he read as child and the numerous comics he was versed with. He is a great example of what creativity and inspiration can achieve.

Nadha Zar as a young child was immensely interested in history, the beginnings of life and civilisations and any form of activity that is considered as an art. She excelled in most, good with some and woeful in a few. Her inspirations lay submerged deep within the four most ancient empires of the world, Egypt, Babylon, China and India. She was an ardent reader and her favourite literature was from the dusty planes of Persia, the meanderings rivers of the Ottoman empire, the majestic command of the medieval British and the unsurpassed yet often forgotten gems of the many islands of our world. Her interest ranged with everything between the two extremes of magic and science, probably the reason why even her magic is so logical.

Nadha Zar’s favourite author, surprisingly, was Arther C. Clark, the prolific science fiction writer and fantasy wise, she was into anything that resonated the old worldly charm of language and etiquette. She is as unique as her books and seemed to have drawn inspiration from anything and everything around her, stemming from the origins of life itself. Legends of Shimrah was born when she was merely sixteen and the tale had matured and had been nurtured to such an extent that the series is an original universe, so comprehensive, that it might actually exist….

Her bedrock has forever been her family. A fiercely protective mother, her better half and her sword and shield, her husband and a special girl who is her irritatingly, adorable daughter along with her four equally motivating siblings. The ones who encouraged her fantasies that would soon become a reality. They roused her to, at long last, compose the tale she had been relating to them as bedtime stories, ever since they were babies and to make Legends of Shimrah a reality.

Author Nadha Zar envisioned this extraordinary story, and a world dissimilar to any other, loaded up with elements that really matter in life. An astounding read with a cast encumbered with brilliant characters, overflowing with their individual exquisite existences. She has created an epic dream, with a tempting plot to keep readers turning pages; assuming you’re searching for something that is out of the ordinary and in a world different to any you have ever seen or read about before. It captures the mind and imagination with ease, brings out the inner child, the dashing young gentleman or the fiercely charming young lady within you when you travel through the magic and splendour of this unique tale – Legends of Shimrah: Saffrodel Silverstream is the ideal book for all fantasy lovers and an achievement of the highest order by Nadha Zar.

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