Shimran Potion Vial – 001 – Javnoon


    Javnoon is an elixir which allows Shimrans to sediment more centient years into their statures, in order to refill their diminishing centients during battles or any other activity that requires large amounts of their power. One drop of Javnoon is able to impart a few hundred years of centients to the drinker. Shimrans do use them sparingly as not everyone can manage such huge quantities of power. There are exceptions like the Royalty, Nobility and those with specific Shifrs like the shield maras who can assimilate them. Each Shimran vial is a design in itself and no two will ever be alike. they are unique. They are encrusted with natural precious and semi-precious crystals and often have An instruction scroll and beads of their assigned crystal, hanging on them in gold altheen, silver gumoos or pembre chains. The liquid within would possess the characteristics of known Shimran potions and elixirs.

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